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Originally Posted by fph View Post
It seems to me that the placement of stairs in dungeons has changed a while ago (maybe since the new special room patterns have been introduced? Or since the new level generation algorithms such as the maze one?).
At least since 2.7.9v6, the game tries to place stairs othogonal adjacent to multiple walls.

I assume it feels different since the introduction of interesting rooms. In early times, you had lots of large rooms, connected by short corridors. Odds were higher that the placement algorithm didn't find a suitable safe place, and had to place the stair in an open room.
Many of the new rooms contain many walls. And the corridors are more twisted than in old days. Odds are much higher that the algorithm finds a safe spot near multiple wands.

As a side effect of the placement constraint, a checkerboard moated room has a high chance to contain a stair (or often several stairs), since each empty grid is othogonal adjacent to 4 walls. I had observed this before; now i know the reason (orthogonal check, ignoring diagonal adjacent grids).
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