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Originally Posted by HallucinationMushroom View Post
Not to miss the point of all your hard work visualizing the depths of angband mind you... I really like the way you've portrayed the mushrooms, snakes, townspeople and all the other denizens I've seen.
Thanks, I'm happy to read this

Originally Posted by HallucinationMushroom View Post
After looking at the screenshots with visual monsters against the one with the Isometric U's, I got to hoping that there would be an option to use iso-ascii characters for all the denizens and items if one wanted to. I think it would be a very interesting novelty, and I'd probably use it from time to time.
If you delete the whole "lib/pref" folder and replace it with the original files from Angband 2.9.3, you have ASCII-Iso view, unfortunately also for the walls and floors. Not sure about doors, might be that I hardcoded those ...

But it should be fairly easy to create a pref file that only maps terrain to images and displays the rest as ASCII characters. I've kept a full ASCII set of characters in their "native" positions, so it should be fairly straightforward.

If I have a bit of extra time I'll see if I can make an example pref file.


That was easy I just had to remove all the monster and item definitions from the iso pref file, and it already looked rather well. (4kb)

Just get this file, put it into the lib/pref folder of your Iso-Angband installation and it should do the trick. Maybe you want to backup the former version of the file, in case you want to revert to the more graphical version.
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