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This is so deja vu from what I had.

The "infinite variance" formula, which supposedly retains same "mean" (no idea, maybe it does, since a long-int amount of gold can drop or whatever), is the main culprit. First there is an average defined per dlvl. Then spread. But the average is destroyed (lowered markedly) by the "infinite variance" part, as it drops to what was it 0.4/1.4 approx on half of the drops. It needs to pass three 50% checks to get back to average. So 87.5% of chosen "averages" are instead at or well below average, 50% being only around 28.5% of the chosen supposed "average".

Sure, in theory you could get a gigaziga amount of gold from one single drop. But that is just plain stupid game mechanics in a game design / game balance sense. The equivalent of winning in lottery.

I once won a semijackpot. Townperson dropped over 5k with initial no-selling changes that still retained this stupid "infinite variance" snippet. I actually first thought I had made a mess. Then I finally actually READ the "infinite variance" code, it boggled my mind ...
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