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Originally Posted by Magnate View Post
mean == average.
Gah yeah mixed with median in my mind, sorry, as said elsewhere talking mathglish gets funky sometimes for me. =P
This is interesting. The infinite variance stuff was put in by Pete Mack, who doesn't usually make elementary mistakes. I think what you're saying is that 87.5% of drops are below average, but the remaining 12.5% are so much higher that they keep the mean unaffected. So indeed it is a bit like wandering around waiting until you "hit the jackpot".
Yep. Of the remaining 12.5% some are so insanely big that a 0.00000000001% chance of gigazillion gold does give same average, but does not make a meaningful gaming environment ...

It was originally put in to make gold drops more interesting, but perhaps it has had the opposite effect.
Gaming design and open-ended formulas for numbers are like water and oil ... they don't mix well. =P
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