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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
but remove too many [of the small features] and the game loses its flavour.
I agree. I'm just saying it would be better if we made some of those small features into bigger features, and remove the others. Yes, simplify the game too much, and it becomes boring. But, add complexity while removing monotony and I think it becomes more interesting.

Think of it this way: imagine the game didn't have any traps, and someone suggested that we add this feature where you have to run a macro after every few rooms or bad things happen randomly. It doesn't require any thought at all, you only have to remember to do it, and do it, before moving on. To me, that sounds more like a bug than a challenge. But, to each his own.

Vault traps have great flavor, but they're always in lines, which makes them easy to take out with a wand of trap/door destruction. Really, when did you ever detect a vault, and think, "Whoa, how am I going to deal with those traps?!" You don't. It's the monsters that make you think, because they involve risk. Traps don't, and that's why they don't seem fun to me.

I think we should make them more interesting, but until we do, I don't want them interfering with my game.
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