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I can see how this can be misleading, because the "1.8 attacks/round" doesn't actually equate to "80% of the time, you will see two attack messages in succession".

Taking the example of the battle axe with 1.8 blows/round: this means that each blow uses 100/1.8 = 55 energy. Remember that you need 100 energy to take an action, and the rate at which you gain energy depends on your speed (10 energy/game turn at normal speed, 20 if you're at +10 speed, etc.). You need 110 energy to get both attacks with the axe at the same time, but if you're at normal speed, this will never happen! As soon as you get to 100 energy, you get a turn, and since you only get 10 energy/game turn, you can't go from "not enough energy to get 1 turn" to "enough energy to get 2 blows" in the same game turn. You attack until your next attack would give you negative energy -- that means that you only get one attack. Then you're left with whatever energy was not used, 45 in this case.

In order to see two blows in a single "pass", you need to be able to accumulate at least 11 energy in one game turn (to go from 99 energy to 110), which requires speed of at least +1.

Now, fighting this way gets you turns much more often than if you were using your entire energy budget each time, so your average damage is still accurate. It's like how extra shots doesn't cause you to fire two arrows every time you use the 'f' command, but instead slows enemies to a crawl so long as you're using your bow. In fact, generally this is preferable to using all of your blows in one go, since you get more reaction opportunities -- for example, if you use your one blow, then get blinked into LOS of a horde of time hounds, then less time will pass before you're given the opportunity to mash your eject button, compared to if you had used two blows.
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