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Originally Posted by Zambaku View Post
I have sprites from the old Ultima games that I plan on using in Angband vanilla. Is there any way I can make it into a new tileset or do I have to copy and paste everything into an excisting tileset?
You can make a new tileset. There aren't any formal instructions, but if you look up the forum user Nomad and search through their posts, you should get a reasonable idea of how it was done last time around.

When you've done it, if you'd like to write a small howto for others, I'll happily post in on the development wiki.

EDIT: Just to be clear - there are really two different tasks here: one is creating your new tile set (the AxB.bmp file) and the other is modifying the code to find and use it. If you create a new bmp file, one of the devteam will happily modify the code to use it - more tiles are always welcome.
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