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Originally Posted by clouded View Post
Looks cool, I'll make some new rooms when the mood takes me. I've hit a major bug with the new inventory size however, playing in gcu mode the game crashes when it tries to display an inventory with 24 or more items. Default terminal size is 80x24, but even with a larger term the main window will always be 80x24 (and the rest taken up by subwindows).
Good catch. Is there any reason the terminal size has to be 80x24 in this day and age? Personally, I find Angband unplayable in these dimensions

I fixed main-gcu.c to force 80x27. Ideally, the user could set the desired size of the map area but I wasn't feeling that ambitious.

Also, I fixed the code to bounds check (show_inven in object1.c) but its possible there are other places in the code that should add bounds checking. Ideally, the terminal code would check but it doesn't.

Finally, I fixed the Windows resizing to not go below 27 rows. Hmm ... perhaps other Linux ports will need this as well?

Fixes are in code only at the moment. If you are running Windows, don't resize your window below 27 rows or you will blow up! I'll push a new executable later once a bunch of bugs have queued up.
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