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Originally Posted by LostTemplar View Post
Skills are limited at 20 without mods, so you are using some mods, I assume it is normal then.
Don't know too much about it. 100 is the Dwarf Therapist rating, on a scale of 1-100 (I think). Maybe that's different form DF's internal number. No mods that I know of except for the tileset.

Anyhow, concerning the military. Individual choice, weapon? I assume that means that Urist McSuicidey will choose a weapon of his liking? I've been wrong with my assumptions before. Right now I'm forgoing self determination and giving each militia member a crossbow and a spear (and a shield). Those are the only real weapon I currently have, having not discovered metals or produced and leather yet. I figure half a dozen poorly equipped, unskilled dwarves should still be able to kill a lone kobold. The last one got away, but I was quite pleased with the effort my little men put in chasing it to the edge of the screen.

I also have no clue how to interact with trade caravans. I've assigned a broker, but have I've zero dwarves with the appraisal skill, so my broker lacks that. The first carven came and something occurred, I'm not sure what. The second caravan came and went without any trade occurring. I've got loads of useless cut gems and some top notch masonry. I need to trade.

Outdoor farming... says I need mud? I take it that means I need to do some irrigation, but it scares the hell out of me.

Fishing... All the water I see is "stagnant water". I assume that's no good for fishing. What do the numbers mean? All water was "7", now mostly "7"and some "6". I've come to realize that I started well above ground level, atop a mountain or something. Maybe that's part of the problem.
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