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Chasms are cool (and would be pointless if they were coded to avoid cutting off areas or even rarer as they are now).

Leaping, when I had it and played to its natural strength (ranged effects via archery/song), felt good. (Beren competition) Even with such a char, Leaping is only useful sometimes as opposed to always for Sprinting (for that reason removing dodging prerequisite would not change much for me). It might feel more compelling if I would play more disciplined and truly contemplate defensive positions to fall back to as an archer - via chasm/warding/horn influence zones or it had a minor perk regarding traps (jump over identified false floors, caltrops in addition to pits). Leaping probably doesn't work great as an emergency measure, because jumping into the chasm is always an option - without any ability cost.

If AI archers would do sth. to exploit chasms against the player, leaping would be more attractive as well.

With melee I believe knockback based builds could troll Angbands inhabitants pretty hard in combination with chasms (although when you can knockback opponents you can usually kill them - with the exception of grotesques).
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