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I will basically never take leaping unless I will obviously die on the next turn without it, or unless I see Celeg Aithorn in one of those gamey vaults that requires me to leap to it. Once I have it, I will occasionally use it, but I'd say it's more like 1 time in 10 rather than 1 time in 3. Boots of Leaping seem pretty rare, which doesn't help.

I really don't like the super-gamey vaults where you have to leap in circles to pick the weapon you want -- Mostly because that is a really weird mental picture given the austerity of the rest of the setting.

Leaping also has some weird hackiness to it that makes it feel sort of unpolished sometimes, but that is a very subjective statement and I can't really back it up.

Even without leaping, I am used enough to chasms as a dungeon feature now that I kind of like them. They seem to happen really often, especially on earlier floors, but it has stopped bothering me. I do really like it when trolls knock you into them.

One thing I have thought of prototyping was a dex check on falling down a chasm that would help you blunt or evade damage. Right now, chasms are nightmarish for low-con characters because they do so much damage, and I really do feel like the way people actually play now already favors high Con. Dex is another 'overused' stat but giving e.g. stealthy fragile characters a chance to slip down a chasm or something as a risky escape could be fun. This could be enabled by taking leaping also, I guess.
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