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Another thought along the "providing cues" line would be for certain devastating attacks (Great Wyrm breath, mana storm) to be 2-turn attacks for the monster. The first turn there's a message like 'The Great Wyrm of Balance draws in a powerful breath' or 'The Black Reaver weaves a mighty incantation'. The monster's second turn they let loose. Various tweaks are possible, e.g. a % chance of getting the warning, or only on the first time the monster uses the attack, etc. Also, they could still unleash the attack the next turn even if the player ducks around a corner.

I see the argument that abating instadeath with any method would make the game too easy. But I'd say that gives an opportunity to make the game more difficult in other ways that improve interesting gameplay. Thoughts include reduced ranges on teleport/portal, give monsters a save vs TO.

For me, a big part of the draw of Angband is difficult tactical situations, with multiple monsters/threats I have to manage/abate to achieve some aim with minimal risk. Playing to ensure that no unseen/undetected monster ever gets a single turn on me unawares is, don't get me wrong, an interesting challenge. But I think increasing the danger/tenacity of the more routine threats could compensate.

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