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I'm all for making casual/noob friendly options, but for some reason the amulet idea doesn't really do it for me. I think the solutions for frustrating instadeaths like this might be:

1) give complete monster memory, and force alerts if a monster has an attack that does > 50% of player HP. Alert could be in message window and/or different color in monster list.

e: this is my preference, since it only changes the monster memory metagame without changing any game mechanics.


2) without complete monster memory, if a monster attack is not yet in monster memory, and it can do >50% (or whatever) of player health in damage, the monster gives a "Warning shot"

The Titan crashes his fist menacingly! This attack looks like it could kill you!

The Ancient Multi-hued dragon rears back and breaths poison in your direction. This attack looks like it could kill you!

Monster Memory is then updated. This also has the advantage of not having to dink around with whether you are set to 1 or 0, and how many times it will work. First encounter with any monster has the potential, with a clear warning not to do it again!
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