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Alright guys, I did some play testing. The v3.5.0 Draconians have a mega-bug that will crash the game if you're temp-polymorphed, e.g, Zombie and you press 'C' for the character sheet! [Note I was playing a female Crystal Draconian Chaos-Warrior named Hasta whose most stats were 18 or better, except for STR [17] and WIS [16]. I was polymorphed into different forms by that Variant Maintainer in the wilderness north of Outpost. After killing the dude, I thought it was time to get the chardump...and it didn't happen for now due to the annoying aforementioned bug!]

This is reproducible. But, I cannot do a chardump because my current temp-polymorph form (Yeek) crashes the Character Sheet screen (i.e., 'C' command)

So far, I only noticed this with the v3.5.0 Draconians. I cannot be sure that this mega-bug won't happen with the v3.50 Demigod subraces.

I already emailed Chris my v3.5.0 savefile + screenshot

As a workaround, I think it is possible to just wait for the temp-polymorph to wear off and then do 'C' and the chardump. I think I'll do that and attempt to post the chardump later. Or wait until chris fixes this awful bug ASAP!

The worst thing that can happen is to have high-level high-powered characters unable to have chardumps upon death due to this^ bug!
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