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Composite Poschengband and Kangband. I plan to make that list longer.

I've been trying to adapt some old Kangband quests for inclusion into poschengband. I've also redone the layout of outpost, and mapped out a new town with shopkeeper names (although I haven't yet managed to get it to appear on the world map). There are new quests, and some of the old quests have been moved to other towns. Morivant has a new ruin just outside town that's been there longer than anyone can remember. Telmora has a quest relating to the volcano outside town. Angwil has tidied up the trees next to the roads.

I've put what I've done so far up on but there will be a proper repo and binary downloads at some point. As I start running out of worthy Kangband content I'll start looking for things to pull from other variants and include more original work. It's 'forked' from elliposchengband (it's more of a mod that's compatible with various poschengs than a game as of yet) but I'll be looking to cherry pick some fixes from 7.x as well as making my own adjustements.
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