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Why is my alignment good? Race? Or something else?

(It seems I can no longer disable the virtue stuff which I don't get. Just seems to add noise to the messages which makes things more confusing).

Edit: I searched the help files, and there is no info on alignment (other than how it affects spell failure), and nothing at all on virtues.

Edit: So not race. I dominated a tengu and alignment changed to Neutral. Then I started cast hellish flame on a few jellies (about 6 casts from 12 attempts - I had not been using it due to failure rate and mana cost) and now my alignment is neutral evil). So alignment is definitely fickle. But hey, I can summon manes now. Guess I had been relying on the nature spells (my 2nd realm) too much.

Edit: And now I'm back to good again. Used no nature spells. Is it just because I'm killing evil stuff? I clear dungeons - so that'd be annoying. Is the reason I've not hit this before because I used to disable the virtue stuff back in earlier versions? Kind of sucks, defeats the whole purpose of the daemon spells.

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