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Originally Posted by Mocht View Post
This is the second time I have found a can of toys, the first time I died before opening it
Is there a suggested minimum dungeon level to open a can of toys on so as not to waste it
The way cans of toys are supposed to work, it shouldn't make any difference, since the level of objects will be determined based on the level of the can of toys itself and not based on where you open it.
In practice it does make some difference, because standart generation is based on dungeon level rather than object level, so you're more likely to get standarts if you open it deeper (and the standarts you get, if any, will be better). I should probably change that, though doing so is not as easy as it sounds.

There are very few standarts with native level >80, and even fewer with native level >90; so once you're at 4500', there isn't much point to waiting any further before you open your can of toys. (Or if you don't care about standarts, you can open it much earlier.)
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