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I've been playing a lot of ironman games these days and often die to hunger (HT/Warrior and all). I keep forgetting that it's not just glutton ghosts I need to be careful of. I've died numerous times because I forget that rot jellies eat food. A couple hours ago I had a nice start with 5 !speed, a decent weapon and an amulet of magi and then I starved to death. I cursed food in that game as a stupid mechanic that ruins good starts. And then I remembered how I used to curse traps and acid up and down as so annoying and aggravating that they surely made the game less fun. But I now feel that these annoyances are sort of a necessary evil to keeping the game from becoming boring/too easy. So, I can't say I support removal of hunger from the game.

I wouldn't be opposed to hunger having a longer period of affecting @ before he dies. Not sure that weak should affect all stats equally, but probably should hit STR the hardest. Not sure I agree that you shouldn't be able to starve, but make the transition from weak to starvation a little more drawn out (and dangerous with debuffs). Please don't remove the periodical paralysis; this is one of the greatest things about starvation!
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