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A humble High Elf Ranger looking for advice

Hello guys! It's been a while i haven't posted, but anyway iŽll get straight to the point

I'm leaving my character dump so you guys can check my gear... so well which weapon is better for my character? Aglarang or anguirel?

My dilemma here is that i love Aglarang, it boosts my speed and my dexterity so well that i'm nearly untouchable but the downside about her is that it doesn't provides me the resistances and the other stat/slay boosts Anguirel gives me.

I get 6 blows with Aglarang but a little less damage (270.8 per blow) but with anguirel i deal much damage to creatures not resistant to poison and evil creatures but way poor damage to others.. and with anguirel i just have 5.7 blows, yeah there isn't much difference but i don't know. Besides i get more speed with aglarang and that's important but the other sword looks so hot! XD

Besides i would love if someone of you would give me an advice of what should i do now? which gear should i have all the time and what do i have to focus to look for, any tip i would appreciate it.

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