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I'm not sure how much sense it makes to get a reward for clearing a level -- unless there's a mapmaker's guild in town that would reward you for such. At any rate, I'm not wild about such a system. Some people might find a note in their player history nice, though.

What I would like to see, however, is more hidden dungeon features that can't be discovered just by using a spell or sitting in place pressing 's' over and over. It would be really cool if there were various switches that triggered hidden objects or rooms appearing. It could be as simple as "walking over this tile causes a secret door to appear", but I'd also be interested in things like "hitting this crystal with a spell causes a chest to rise up out of the ground."

In my experience, finding hidden things is one of the most fun parts of an RPG. You feel smart for having found it, and it makes you want to explore more.

Granted, though -- what I describe would take a substantial amount of work.
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