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Originally Posted by Sparrow the Dunadan View Post
Are there any good rings of Dog? Or are they all bad? I mean there are some less bad rings of Mouse, aren't there?
For most low-level warriors (and probably paladins), Rings of the Dog aren't bad at all. You might find something better before you get intrinsic rFear, but for a character with garbage stealth anyway, and who can go toe-to-toe with almost everything in the dungeon, and who has enough hitpoints to run away from the rest, a stealth penalty is a nice tradeoff for rFear. It can really suck to get surrounded by a pack of orcs while a banshee that you can't see is frightening you so you can't attack.

With non-stealthy characters, I usually wear them until I find two rings of damage or damage and see invis, for example.
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