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Idea for an upcoming contest.

Now that we are almost done evaluating all the character classes in Angband 4.2.0, do we want to finish with an atypical contest?

In a discussion of the last contest (229) it was asked whether winners could (sometimes) be determined by criterion other than experience/turncount. In that discussion Ingwe said:

"On rare occasions, the ranking criteria are varied (e.g., the Hobbit that started wearing Sting, a Mithril Chainmail, and The One Ring - The winner was the victor with the lowest max experience, regardless of turncount. The idea was to see how low of a character level could win. It was a very fun comp, won by PowerWyrm, if I remember right, and was the first Angband comp I ever tried.) In any event, any special win criteria would be clearly stated on the comp page."

That was Contest 164, and I was the one who submitted the character and proposed the winner criterion. It was over 5 years ago and the current version of Angband was 3.5. It demonstrated that the game could be won by a hobbit warrior character with a maximum character level in the mid thirties (level 34 by Powerwyrm won the contest, and six others won the game at levels less than 40). The associated discussion in the Forum was positive:

With a little effort I could regenerate that starting character (or a similar one) in version 4.2 for an upcoming contest. We could ask the same question, and a different one too. Is 4.2 easier or harder than 3.5 to win?

It's up to you Gwarl, if you want to entertain these kinds of alternative contests. In this case, you would have to ask Pav to edit the way the scoreboard ranks winners. It would be the same edits he did for contest 164.

Is there enough interest for me to start generating a starting file?
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