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Font and tyle size issue


I'm just trying Buzzkill's new 32x32 tyles for Daaj, ---- which indeed do look lovely and make the game easier to see. There's only one miner issue, --- the font.

I've found that if the tyle size in the ini fyle is set to larger than the font size, my screen reading speech program tends to believe that there are spaces betwene all the letters and reads them as separate letters rather than words:

eg: "y o u c a n 3 m o n s t e r s" when using the view command.

Obviously, this isn't helpful.

i was wondering if anyone knew where I could get a 32x32 font file, ---- or any alternative ways of fixing this problem, sine otherwise the biggest tyle size I can get is 16x25, ---- which is visible, but not half as visible as 32x32 would be.

I've looked at unangband's ini file, ---- and it's fonts, to see how the tripple tyle mode works, ---- but there the font is stil listed as 8x13, ---- the default, so obviously in this case only the tyles are resized, not the font.

Any advice, ---- or indeed any suggestions on where I could get a 32x32 font fyle would be much appreciated.
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