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Wow Buzzkill, ---- that's going further into trouble shooting than I was expecting.

Hal will read most in game messages which popup, ---- such as status line messages in game by default. To read additional information though, it's necessary to activate the dolphin curser.

this is a special reading mode independent of on screen mouse or curser movement which can be moved around using a variety of keystrokes, ---- such as curser keys, and can be used to do things like activate mouse clicks.

In Angband, I generally activate the dolphin curser when I wish to scroll through information such as the various inventory more quickly, ----- or with certain screens which won't be read by default like the character setup screen due to their layout.

There are literally hundreds of key combinations in Hal, ---- but you can toggle dolphin curser on/off with numberpad minus.

To simulate the font issue, set the tyle size in the ini file to 32 x 32, ---- or indeed anything larger than the font, then, once the game is running, just listen to the way hal reads the various status messages, ---- such as those involved in the monster list view activated by the left brackit.

I'm also running things at a resolution of 1024x768 if that has any effect.

thanks for the intensive investigation.
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