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Regeneration is better than all of them for non-holy casters, IMO. Next would be Infravision, since knowing what's in a room can save your life sometimes. Distant third is Wisdom.

The thing about regeneration is that it ups the pace of your game tremendously. Beefy characters practically no longer need to rest, which is nice, but it's far more useful for caster characters, who go from regenerating 1SP per every few turns, to regeneration 1SP every single turn. Not only does this mean a lot less time spent resting, it also greatly improves the number of spells they can cast in a fight. These are solid, reliable benefits that you get no matter how you play, whereas infravision is situational and WIS boosts are tiny saving-throw bonuses at best.

Of course, if I've somehow made it to the depths where elemental resists are really critical and I don't have a better option yet, I'll wear the resist amulets. But I'll grumble about it.

I once made a patch that split physical and magical regeneration into separate flags. As I recall, it never made it in due mostly to issues with the detailed character information page...
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