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Originally Posted by Grelko View Post
After all these years, I finally became a member. I've been playing this since the mid 90s. I still use @ as my character.

I think I found a bug with trap doors.

Angband 4.1.2
Windows Xp 32bit
Half-elf Ranger lv 13

Down on lvl 5, I found a trap door. I used the spell "disable traps, destroy doors"

The trap disappears and it says that it was disabled. I didn't move, but instead used R+& to rest as needed to gain mana, and the trap came back. I tried this a couple times and the same thing happens.

If I use the spell and disable the trap, it's gone like it should be and I can walk through the space, but if I rest, it comes back. This might happen with other traps but I haven't checked yet.

I thought it might have been a glitch on the screen, so I walked towards it, and fell down a level, since the trap was still there.

Is anyone able to reproduce this?
Not a bug. Disable traps is supposed to be temporary (and it's very short duration too).
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