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Originally Posted by Grelko View Post
Do quivers auto stack the max of 40, if you have enough arrows?

My inventory shows 40 and 17, but my quivers show 31 and 26.

31 Arrows (1d4) (+10, +5)
26 Seeker Arrows (4d4) (+4, +6)
Every 40 missiles you carry takes an inventory slot, so the 40 and 17 are just showing you that you have 57 total. You could have those 57 split across six quiver slots, and the inventory listing would still look the same - it's just there to show you if you're close to running out of room in your inventory. You need to look at the quiver to get actual quiver slot info.

Originally Posted by Grelko View Post
If I'm walking towards lava in town using the number pad, sometimes it'll let me walk right into it, without getting the y/n message. As far as I could figure out, it seems as if I walk a space or two away, then try to walk back through it, I can. Especially if I walk towards it from an angle.

Could it be possible that using the number pad, is somehow bypassing the message? I don't use any hotkeys.
The amount of lava damage is random (100 + 1d100), and you get the prompt if you are going to do more than 1/3 your current HP in damage. So if you have 300-600 HP, you will sometimes get a message and sometimes not.
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