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Hmm.. maybe I'll stick with Quicktime. File > Start recording. That's about as complicated as I can handle a piece of software being. :-/

I did figure out how to set the recording resolution in OBS so as to not use up my entire minuscule HD. But figuring out how to record my screen is proving daunting. (Let alone just the window). Why is a piece of software that records the screen so complicated? :-/

So Youtube Tutorial 1 was pretty useless/poor. YT Tutorial 2 was a bit better and I figured out the very first thing I need to do in order to record my screen is select my source. Now to figure out which is my source:

I selected Display Capture but playback is still black.....

EDIT: I don't need transitions, I don't need fade.. I don't need two windows... I just wanna record mah screen. :-/ The only reason I'm not using Quicktime is because I can't set the resolution lower than my screen's. Though I suppose I could just lower the resolution of my screen and then record. I'm gonna try that.

My monitor resolutions are not very modifiable; so using Quicktime would be 4.5GB after 180minutes. I guess I'll fumble around in OBS a bit more.

EDIT: I got OBS to record my screen. Now my next hurdle (which Quicktime has no qualms about) is that I use the zoom feature on the Mac which allows you to zoom in on the screen by holding down ctrl and using the trackpad to zoom in. I do this because I cannot for the life of me figure out how to have the main Angband window take up my entire screen (I have an 11" screen so normal windowed play is not feasible).

So to get around this I just zoom in on the window and then play the game. But OBS ignores the zoom, recording, what it probably thinks to be the "true" screen rather than the zoomed in portion of the screen. So I get a video output that has the game take up 1/4 of the screen when playing the video back.

EDIT: So I used OBS's transform feature and centered the window and then stretched the window. The preview shows that angband now takes up the whole screen. But when I record, the ouptut is blackness... (nothing recorded).

EDIT: I restarted my computer and now it's working. I guess I should eat something before playing 3 hours nonstop. Thanks for the software recommendation! Glad I figured it out. things get a little more exciting.

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