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Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
Two extra shots is huge. Beyond that, they get all the buffing and detection spells of a Rogue, plus two more big ones: *Destruction* and Glyph of warding. To make up for it a little, their melee and HP are mediocre. Starting rangers are quite weak. Endgame rangers are massively overpowered.
Oh yeah. I'm not suggesting otherwise, I just wasn't sured.

Having only reached the endgame stage a couple of times, mostly I just know you have to be really fast and loaded up with resistances, have lots of ranged attacks, and be effective against demons and undead.

I suck at games. Angband is the only one I play. I might never win, but I doubt I'll ever give up trying because I enjoy it so much, ASCII and all.
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