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Originally Posted by chem View Post
I haven't played Angband in many years and haven't played vanilla since perhaps 3.1.x.

I'm trying 4.2.1 as a high-elf blackguard.

Any other super big but not immediately explained changes I should be aware of?
Lots of new monsters and upgrades to existing ones - 4.2 onward is considerably more difficult than previous versions since 3.0. Much greater chance of seeing OOD monsters too and the deeper levels are MUCH tougher than before.

New classes (druid, blackguard) and new / fewer spellbooks (including for mage and priest).

Vastly improved UI, changes to rune-based ID as already mentioned.

Since 4.0 we've probably seen the most comprehensive and well-balanced changes to the game since some Warwick students decided to edit uMoria...
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