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"This item has not been identified"?

I noticed that when I use a staff and an effect triggers, the staff's identity becomes known to me. I receive the 100 experience for IDing it as well. However, when I examine it, it will still say, "This item has not been identified."

So for example, say you have an Ashen Staff. After you use it, it might say, "An Ashen Staff of Majesty (6 charges)." In its description, it will say "It causes fear in all monsters in line of sight. This item has not been identified." Btw, I know the number of charges remaining because of the skill channeling. So it seems like everything about the staff is identified.

Anyone have any idea what is going on here? Do I need something else in order to ID it completely? Or is this just a typo that occurs when you have channeling?

Btw, is there any way to know the number of charges without using them all up, having lore master, or channeling?
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