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Unangband Inventory Troubles

So, Unangband has a standard 23 inventory slots.

However, it seems some very poor decisions have been made regarding inventory management for magic and hybrid classes

Every book read permanently snags an additional inventory slot. Beyond that, the book itself must also be carried, meaning every book takes up two full slots.

This is highly inconveniencing for both early game loot sifting and late game inv loadouts. But, I've noticed something after looking at the character ladder. Many of the top characters are mages, yet they appear to have found a workaround for the inventory sapping, and carry a multitude of spellbooks along with a normal amount of additional equipment.

Is this a feature of earlier version of Unangband? Or have they found some sort of exploit in the code or within the game itself?

Unangband was the first roguelike that hooked me into the ascii side of things, being content rich as it is. Unfortunately I'm extremely picky, so this inventory feature is keeping me from pouring hours into this game.

Any idea how this can be worked around?
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