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FAA - near-unavoidable deaths...

So, you are a CL25 Necro, DL29 on Amon Rudh, pootling along and managing to kill most stuff (and avoiding Hardened Warriors, Colbrans and the like).

First turn down, you detect monsters - you see a Dark Elven Druid just around the corner from you. In that same turn, it turns the corner and summons spiders.

Result: 3 Giant Black Spiders, all +10 speed and attacking to blind at least once a round. Despite a big stack of !CCW and ?Tele/?TL, the Necro never got her sight back for long enough to read a scroll and died 5 turn later...

Oh, and the clincher - despite checking the shops every turn no Staves of Teleportation or Speed potions encountered at any point of the game.

No actual point to this ramble - just felt like venting...
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