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Originally Posted by Magnate View Post
We have a choice: imperfect algorithmic power, or imperfect simplified power. The same goes for monsters. I don't see the logic of simplifying one but not the other.
I have two arguments for treating monsters and objects differently, one philosophical and one mathematical.

First, the game story is that the character goes into dungeon, aiming to kill Morgoth and as many of his minions as necessary. In order to do this, they need objects. So the fundamental objects of the world are firstly the dungeon, and secondly the monsters - and objects are then a response to those. Your sword of *Slay Dragon* is only made that way because that's what slays dragons. So it makes sense to have monsters (and terrain), and then objects that are constructed relative to them.

Second, if you have two algorithmically constructed sets - object and monsters - which are constructed relative to each other, you lack a fixed point in the system. So objects are made and priced based on their effectiveness against monsters, but then monsters are allocated power based in part on what objects are available to counter them, and the argument becomes circular.

There is also the broader argument that we are trying to construct an increasingly complex algorithm to measure a one-dimensional power or value, when in fact values of objects vary wildly depending on game situation. I think complexity needs to be avoided as much as possible here because:
  • It is hard to understand
  • We start giving its results more credence than they deserve
  • Small changes have unpredictable effects
  • It makes the game rigid

I don't think I have explained my reasoning terribly well here, but I hope it gives some insight to my approach
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