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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
I have two arguments for treating monsters and objects differently, one philosophical and one mathematical.

First, the game story is that the character goes into dungeon, aiming to kill Morgoth and as many of his minions as necessary. In order to do this, they need objects. So the fundamental objects of the world are firstly the dungeon, and secondly the monsters - and objects are then a response to those. Your sword of *Slay Dragon* is only made that way because that's what slays dragons. So it makes sense to have monsters (and terrain), and then objects that are constructed relative to them.
This approach can run into undesirable outcomes. The most obvious example for me is Free Action. FA is really valuable early on, but it's also absolutely necessary. Your first source of FA is probably valued at something like +8 speed or maybe more. Does that mean that we should cost FA the same as +8 speed? Absolutely not, because FA is necessary to survive past level 30 or so and +8 speed is not (although it sure is helpful).

So a purely reactive approach is going to give FA a much higher power and cost just because of the sheer large number of monsters it protects against and the lethality of those attacks. I'm not sure how we get around this and similar issues with a simplified algorithm. I have a feeling things will need to be hand-tuned.
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