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Originally Posted by Avenger View Post
Notably, @f1=g on arrows, and @R#### on recall scrolls. I have a macro(or keymap, as vanilla insists on calling it for some reason) [Esc]f1*t, but when I use it, it prompts me for selection - pressing 1 at that point isn't an option. I have no idea whether the targeting works yet.
Instead of mapping f1*t, you can use 'h' (in the original keyset) or tab (roguelike). This will just fire the first quiver slot at the nearest monster.

As far as the second inscription, it's really rather critical, and I have no idea why it isn't working. In MAngband, inscribing a depth (in feet) after @R on any source of recall will cause the character to be recalled to that depth, rather then the max depth. In vanilla, it doesn't seem to be working that way. Having just discovered that scrolls of deep descent exist by reading one, then trying to read another to cancel it, it's rather critical that I be able to recall to a safe depth, rather then my max depth.
There are no depth-based inscriptions in Vanilla. Recall and Deep Descent are always based on max depth.

Edit: Another, somewhat related question: is there a way to get objects from different sources to stack? I'm currently carrying two different stacks of iron shots because I bought one from 1 and the other from 3. I would like to merge them.
If they have the same to-hit/to-dam and enchantments, they should stack. The stack limit is 40 per slot.
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