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Vanilla used to have macros in addition to keymaps. Literally the only functional difference between them is that macros could be invoked whenever the game was waiting for input from the player (including e.g. in the middle of a -more- prompt), while keymaps can only be invoked at the "base" level of interaction (when looking at player with no active prompts). The problem with macros is that they can go badly off the rails if they're invoked at the wrong time, which leads to silliness like prepending a bunch of [esc] characters to the beginning of every macro -- very unintuitive for new users! So macros got the axe, and now Vanilla just has keymaps.

If having to manually clear -more- prompts bothers you, there's an option to do it automatically. I recommend having a window open that shows the message history if you do this.

As for your shots not stacking, that's probably because if they did combine then there'd be more than 40 in the combined stack. Ideally IMO they'd make one stack of 40 and one stack of whatever's left over, but oh well.

Anyway, welcome back to Vanilla!
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