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Release 32 (17-May-2020)
  • If you update to this release with autoupdate, it might be best to update without restoring old settings.
  • Sound effects revisited. Lots of new sound effects, some old ones removed / edited. Complete overhaul of the ambience sound system. Dungeon ambience is constant by default. Can be configured / turned off from the settings.
  • Optional creature wiggle. On by default, can be configured / turned off from the settings.
  • Health bars of summoned, hostile creatures are now in blue. Can be turned off from the settings.
  • Names of summoned creatures are in blue in the target mode / when a new creature is discovered.
  • Creature possession tweaked. Duration is now longer. Duration can be seen after the Break Possession talent in the quickslots.
  • There was a bug when calculating how much of the level is explored. Hopefully now fixed.
  • New book reading screen. Press SPACE to switch between the new and the old one. You can configure the font from the settings. Uses the "Segoe Print" font by default (comes with Windows). You can switch between the book font / regular font with TAB.
  • Monsters pick up boots, belts, rings and other equipment, and also equip them. Previously only picked usable devices (potions, wands, etc.).
  • AI tweaks.
  • Some new items.
  • An option to automatically create a map collection, an image of all dungeon maps you visited with the character. Unexplored areas are drawn in blue. The map collection is saved as a PNG image to the Obituary-folder after character death. It's also included in the character report uploaded to the leaderboard. A map collection is always created if endgame is reached.A map collection named "Last character - Maps.png" is always created but overwritten when the next character wins or dies. A map collection named "Best character - Maps.png" is created if the character''s experience points are higher than the experience points of any previous character.
  • An ASCII map of the character's last view is added to the obituary file.
  • Probably never mentioned this before, but you can press TAB to jump to the next divided section of a menu.

Gameplay video, where the hero finds a sentient, talking weapon
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