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Release 36
  • Improved autoexplore: There is no need to manually walk around the dungeon to search for remaining hidden areas. Once autoexplore no longer finds anything to explore, it will check if your Search-skill is high enough to detect any of the possibly existing secret doors on the map. If something is found, autoexplore autopilots you to the found secret door. You may want to boost your Search-skill with items, potions or talents, even temporarily, for better results.
  • Type "0" as a filter in inventory / level loot lists to filter special items, unique items, devices (potions, wands, etc.). Remember that you can filter with an item type (function keys) and a keyword at the same time, so you could press F3 to filter weapons and then type "0" to filter only unique or special weapons.
  • Some difficulty finetuning.
  • Leaderboard has been reset. The old leaderboard for releases 28-35 can be found at
  • You can add a timestamped comment to the journal by pressing CTRL + N. The log journal is added to obituary files.
  • Some new sound effects. Fixed some audio related bugs.
  • Added new gameplay tips to the manual and ingame tips book: dualwielding, different ways to open locks, level loot.
  • The ingame Zorbupedia now has a list of all talents in the game. You can filter Zorbupedia topics with a keyword. Zorbupedia can be opened from the game menu, during character generation and during level up.
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