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What does SPIRIT flag do?

I'd like to report a bug. I found "The Lucerne hammer of absurd dice" on DL23 and the level feeling was 6. Six. Sechs auf Deutsch. Seis en Español.

9d5, (powerfully) dragons, Lightning brand, pFear, speed regen, and {??} I used the weapon for awhile and didn't seem to be cursed.

Surely, surely, we can all agree this is a bug? I recently reported finding "Deathwreaker Lite" without aggravation (7d8 slay evil, +4 STR, pConf and other abilities) with an also relatively low level feeling (DL51 7-7). But no one seemed to think it was worth commenting on.

Both weapons were easily 9 items in my mind for their depth. Surely slightly above average brigandine armor and this 9d5 weapon should not have the same treasure feeling?
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