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An Epic Battle against a Greek Titan (undecided)

Human Warrior. Dungeon level 39. Inside a Greater Vault. I had just had an undecided battle with Arien, Maia of the Sun whereby I had teleported her away after she roasted some of my equipment (and me as well!).
I rested against the granite wall that I would have to tunnel through to continue through the Vault, with permanent brown walls on either side of me. I felt there were superb treasures here, so I knew I must finish the vault before Recalling.
With health back at full, I tunneled through the next seal. And LO!! A colossal giant named Polyphemus of Greek legend approached me. A level 69 Unique on level 39! What the...?!
The Warrior in me suspected him to be purely melee, so I hoped there was a slim chance at defeating him, though it would cost me all of my potion resources. Wielding the scimitar 'Haradekket', I smite him multiple times and he is barely wounded...then he attacks back...and causes an earthquake! I had never seen this ability before. Many mighty creatures in the vault died around us, rubble strewn everywhere. I attack back and still not even a single star of damage taken away yet.
I managed to go toe to toe with this giant for only a few rounds, until the next attack caused the ceiling over my head to cave in, I was severely wounded, multiple hit point warnings. But he wasn't finished with his attacks yet, and he hit me two more times before the round was done. I had 5 hit points left. It was my turn. I teleported him away.
Is it common for Uniques to generate so far out of their depth?
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