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ty nick,, yes i dont hav a clear goal, i only know i want to hav a game like angband that plays like diablo,, hoping my graphical limits dont spoil the potential..

i hav been thinking on it for a long time and perhaps i need2 try some other games to get some new perspective...

when i can decide 4 sure that it will be ok, im gonna get straight in2 it..

i got alrdy a bit of a framework for my code from other projects of mine so i shud b able 2 get a minimal kind of "playable" thing relatively fast...

im trying 2 think of a game like wat i hav in mind but i really cant..

i would just go 4 it but im really having trouble deciding on wats best ,, and i cant bring myself 2 do anything til im atleast half sure

mainly i guess my question is

control method :

1~full mouse, ie diablo
2~wasd//mouse , might sound strange but i think it can work here perhaps
3~ ??? maybe something else

also the view/perspective goes with this,,, like for option 1 it makes sense that the character is the center of the screen and its locked,
option 2 leans more 2wards a "free" camera , in the kind of top down game im imagining

im looking now for any games that might show me some possibilities,

again, please if any1 can contribute an example of such a game u think might help me , please do!

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