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half orc is my preferred race for just about everything; the rDark means you don't get blinded by dark hounds and elf wizard-thingies, because they use specifically a dark attack (blind traps still blind you). the +2 STR is really helpful at the beginning and neither the stats nor the XP penalty are bad (no DEX penalty like the dwarf and HT have, no STR penalty like hobbits and kobolds, no ridiculous 200% XP like the dunedain).

see, when i play rogue, i find i really just need one spell - detect object. Sure i like to be able to cast Identify and maybe even Teleport Other, but by the time i'm CL33, i can wait around for some stat potions, get a helm of INT, maybe even store at home a ring of INT. Endgame rogues have 300sp regardless of the starting stats, and you don't rely on TO as much as a Mage does.

for warriors, i generally prefer dunedain because of the stat bonus. There's no need for a warrior to rush to the high levels as around CL30 you are already hitting near your potential, but the DEX/CON bonus really helps cap everything in the endgame.

I also use dunedain for mages, because of the CON bonus. The lack of SI really hurts in the beginning, but you're gonna grind the beginning anyway, so ...

even though lately i've come to appreciate more the usefulness of stealth, i'm still not a stealth player. i'm just not going to sneak by that greater wyrm, i can either kill it, or i need to leave. i'd rather use patience and the behaviour of the dungeon to get what i need.
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