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Originally Posted by Frenchminstaer View Post
Hello fellow angband crawlers

I'm quite new to this game and I don't understand how a drolem, which is said to make 3d10+3d10+5d10+5d10 damage manage to put my char to -391 HP ? The last message in the board was "The drolem poisons you" or something roughly equivalent ^^ is it maybe the damage from the poisoning which is very high from the drolem ?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my english
Welcome to the oook forum! You're looking at the drolem's melee attacks. Drolems can breathe poison for very high damage; if you don't have poison resistance, avoid drolems. (Even with 1x poison resistance a full drolem breath still does ~250 damage.)

All of us have learned this the hard way; drolems are one of the classic deaths that happen to most new (and sometimes not-so-new) players at least once.
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