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Ranger - bored - pointless

OK, CL40, DL 60 Same char, although scarred and beaten due to bonehead play that had @ almost die at least four times.

I have no idea what I'm playing. It says "ranger," and I am 1.8x on a bow, but that's hardly overpowering. I have 300 blasted spell points that I can't use for anything meaningful other than mapping the dungeon. Woo. I have now found five different "nature" books, a whole bunch of priest books, some necro books and a few mage books and none of them are things the character can read.

What's the use of so many spell points if they are only used on weak, low-level spells? Give better melee, or old missile-weapon bonuses, or something..... but 305 spell points, to cast satisfy hunger and sense surroundings?

Not sure what the purpose is, but I ain't getting it.
It has Ok hit points, and decent toys (randarts), but frankly, I feel like I'm playing a weak fighter with useless spell points, and am growing bored to the point i might just walk @ into some unique and let it die so I can play something more interesting.
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