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Originally Posted by jevansau View Post
With Rangers, it is not just the lowering of extra shots that makes them weaker - the removal of enchanting and branding ammunition means that useful ammo is scarce. Try the calculations with low grade ammo .
Removal of glyph also makes combat at a distance harder to maintain, but is probably fair.
I found the second book about six minutes after posting my last whine. Underwhelming and almost useless. Decoy doesn't work well, and the leave no tracks spell doesn't work with hounds, which is the one group of critters it should work with. It's sort of nice to heal 30 points per turn for a bit, but at this point (Dl70), 30 points per turn means I'm still using a lot of consumables. So this poor little dwarf is basically a fighter with poor melee and poor archery, 300+ spell points and nothing useful to cast with it. here are precisely zero offensive spells in the book, save for the limited critters that are susceptible to rock to mud. The spells aren't defensive (ie: resistance, shield, prot evil, resist fire/cold) and although "detect life" is nice, it scales poorly.

However, I won't just bitch. I will suggest adding a spell like "meld with rock," that allows passage through rock, with duration equal to half char level, and a crapton of damage if the spell ends and the character is still within the rock. It's a novel escape from summoners, but still susceptible to dreads, xarens, etherial hounds/etherial dragons, ghosts, master vampires.

Though that is better placed in the druid realm, I suppose. Maybe call it "etherial form", allow the above, and give rNether for the duration.

I gave up playing at CL42/DL70. If I wanted to play a weak fighter, I would have. Ranger gets a massive thumbs down.
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