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Originally Posted by Moving Pictures View Post
Decoy doesn't work well
What is wrong with it? It should be making monsters attack it instead of the player until it's destroyed, the idea being you can shoot the monster with impunity while it's going for the strawman. Probably not useful in crowds.

Originally Posted by Moving Pictures View Post
the leave no tracks spell doesn't work with hounds, which is the one group of critters it should work with.
This one is really unfinished. It only works on scent, and mostly monsters are following sound. It is partly a first step in having different ways of dealing with different monster tracking methods, but there is more work needed (not least on the monster list).

I agree the ranger spells are underwhelming. Possibilities I'm considering for improving them include
  • a spell to power up archery - something like double the bow multiplier for the next 5 shots
  • positioning spells as suggested upthread (although I'm trying to get a stealthy, crafty vibe rather than magic teleporting)
  • monster traps

There are also pacing and spell/book availability issues with all the classes.
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