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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
What is wrong with it? It should be making monsters attack it instead of the player until it's destroyed, the idea being you can shoot the monster with impunity while it's going for the strawman. Probably not useful in crowds.
Two failures. One a test, on some energy hounds. Dropped the decoy, then left, using the no-trace. Energy hounds kept coming. Second was a real honest-to-gosh "I need this to work" evasion on a previously TO-ed Carcorath. I had ESP, and Carcorath - who moves damned fast (again, this was with the no-trace on) may have paused for one turn. May.

I'll give it a whirl down the road, but I'll poke around and try some other class. Maybe a priest. Heck, maybe an elfin mage....
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