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Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
Vs Morgoth, it's around 80% for a fully buffed ranger; vs. Sauron, it's about 5% less. Even with the higher fail rate, the damage is much higher than magic devices. If the ranger is stuck with ordinary seeker ammo +15, his nominal damage is still at 3*5*45 = 645 with three shots, or 2x5*45 = 450 with 2 shots. With an 80% hit rate, That's 540 and 360 damage, respectively.
I think part of the problem is that archers tend to save top level ammo for the final fight and use weaker stuff otherwise (with the occasional well-timed frost/fire/venom brand), while melee/caster characters use their full strength attacks all the time. I guess I'm just saying that the fight vs Morgoth is probably not the right point of comparison for the ranger class to the others if you want to gauge whether it's going to be fun to play.
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