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To answer the original question: there are other dungeons with deeper max depths, including Angband, which has the deepest max depth (100 unless you continue on to the post-game, which goes even deeper). The final boss is in Angband, though note that, like Warrens and Hideout, many other dungeons have guardians at the bottom that give a statup when killed and that drop very good loot. Also, if the guardians aren't killed (with the exceptions of the Arena, Olympus, and Pyramidal Mound guardians), they can be summoned by the final boss, which can be dangerous for the guardians of some of the deepest side dungeons. (E.g. if you don't kill Cthulhu, the bottom guardian of R'yleh, the final boss can summon Chthulhu, *with his escort* of powerful demons with powerful breaths.) Their entrances are marked with > on the wilderness map.

To reach the wilderness map, press > or < while on the normal map when you're outdoors (in town or otherwise). To go back to the normal map, press < or > again. Note that when you do this over a >, you don't go straight into the dungeon - you go to the wilderness area that has its entrance, which is also a >. When you do this, you very likely might start out so far away from the > that it's not visible. That's normal (sadly). Just keep going in the direction you were going before you pressed >, and hopefully you will run into the entrance. If not - if you get totally lost - then don't feel stupid, because it happens to everyone. Just step out, go for example east and back west (or north and back south, whatever) and try again.

Remember that M shows you the map for the current area.

May you make it to the final boss and show him who's boss!
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